Andrea Riccardi on the deportation of Jews of Rome

Speech of Andrea Riccardi at the march in related memory of the deportation of Jews in Rome October 16, 1943.

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[Andrea Riccardi]: "Being here in many It shows that the memory of 16.10.1943 is not a ritual. Right in this square, that history had its epicenter. Here there were the trucks on which the Nazis crammed families, wake up at dawn that Black Saturday, shoving with violence and deception to an unknown future. It is the tribute of blood that Rome, that the Jewish community has paid to Auschwitz and to the Shoah. I feel this event as a moment, sorry to say, one of the few, where Roma is listening to a painful past. Yes because this moment is an important part of the conscience of this city, of the spirit of this city. They ask: «can it happen again?». Certainly not in the same ways, but as Settimia Spizzichino said: «terrible things happen in our day». For this non-one ignore the growth of a mindful and human consciousness. Of course, now Rome seems to have a tarnished conscience, and ugly, terrible things happen even in our days. It is not easy to avoid them, but something is possible to avoid: no longer face life, terrible things, alone, against each other, despising each other, each separated from others. This, to me, is the deep sense of this event, which brings together Roman, new Europe, I see many, and many young; he gathers them all around a painflu memory that belongs to us all. Thanks for being here. "