Andrea Riccardi (TG1): Europe integration. A conference in Perugia.

Quick service TG1 on the conference "Europe integration", held in Perugia in November 2012, to which Prof. Andrea Riccardi, as Minister for International Cooperation, took part.

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[TG1]: "Immigration is not to say yet integration, in Italy. Foreigners in our country, 194 different ethnic groups, require welcome and not only represent an emergency. European models compared and possible solutions. It's been talked in Perugia: the correspondent Francesca Biancacci"
[Francesca Biancacci]: "The times of emergency, those in which the groups of desperate migrants were trying to reach our country, are almost finished. Now living in Italy and work almost 5 million immigrants, 2,500,000 are employed. Represent a tenth of the Italian workforce, claim the pension system, contribute to GDP; 20% of them, still, is the owner of accommodation. Yet integration for immigrants, 194 ethnic groups in our country, it is still very difficult. It emerges from the study day "Europe for integration", organized in Perugia by the Ministry for International Cooperation. Yet it is precisely from migrants that can come a major contribution to Italian society. "
[Andrea Riccardi]: "Italy is a country that doesn't grow. Italy needs to read the phenomenon of immigration as a constitutive reality of its growth. So far it has did much the companies, firms, cities; It did much the family. We must build a real integration strategy, because this country must grow. It's a decisive appointment."
[Francesca Biancacci]: "It is time to review Italian legislation on the subject, to pass from an vision of emergency to a vision of reception. They ask the public government and it is concern of the same Government. In America, the lack of recognition, by the parliament, for the citizenship to children of immigrants born in Italy, has been, says the minister Riccardi, a missed opportunity. An issue that still will come back to talk."