Andrea Riccardi: save Aleppo. We must act quickly! #savealeppo

#saveAleppo The dramatic appeal of Andrea Riccardi on the consciences of those who can intervene, but continues to pursue partisan logics, continues its strategy, backed by its allies. Meanwhile Aleppo is destroyed: its history is destroyed, the memory of a place of peace and dialogue between different ethnic groups, with the sad count of thousands of victims, including children.

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[Andrea Riccardi]: "Aleppo is dying and perhaps it’s already dead under the blows of a relentless siege. The population flees: 100,000 people towards Turkish border that are sealed and many boundaries in Europe and in Middle East are sealed to Syrian refugees. Aleppo is dying. Why? In 2014 I launched an appeal to save Aleppo, to create a no combat zone around the city. But nothing has been done. Everybody has pursued it’s own logic, each one has continued its strategy: the Assad government, supported by Russia and its allies, continued his war; opposition remained divided, uncertain, incapable of a policy. Then Isis and Al Qaeda settled down in the ruins of the Syrian state. Aleppo city of coexistence, Aleppo with 300,000 Christians. There people used to live together. How beautiful it was! Today Aleppo is destroyed by bombing. So many lives lost, so many dead children for the embargo, for lack of care and food. This unfortunately is the reality. We must act quickly. We need to avoid that Aleppo loses the its last living spaces, we have to prevent people from dying. We have to save Aleppo."