Andrea Riccardi to TG2 for the exhibition on the Jubilees in the Senate

Andrea Riccardi interviewed for the "The Holy Years of civilizations' memories by the TG2, for the exhibition on the Jubilees in the Senate Zuccari hall, inaugurated on 03.15.2016.

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[TG2 - Tommaso Ricci]: "Already the place of the initiative is eloquent, Palazzo Giustiniani, home to representing for the President of the Senate; Here it was signed the Italian Constitution. in the Zuccari room and in the adjacent flows the centuries-old history of Jubilees, inside full array of documents, prints, books, mainly coming from the precious Library of Senate. It could not miss the beginning of all: the Bull with which Pope Boniface VIII proclaimed in 1300 the first Jubilee; It comes from the Vatican Library. The suggestion is deep, even because the document is placed in front of the senatorial heirloom dust of Dante, whom that Pope sent to hell."
[Irene Fosi]: "Certainly among the initiatives for the Jubilee, this is truly a great success and we also hope to have a response from the public. The merit of this exhibition is also to retrace, very broadly diachronic sense, from Jubilee of 1300 up to the Great Jubilee of 2000, a number of aspects and see the concatenation, the permanence and changes. It is, in fact, from the Bull, of course beginning of the Jubilee, the one that was the welcome, the travel; then we also see how the plate of the medieval pilgrim or in the modern age it becomes then the pilgrim document in the Jubilee of 1950."
[TG2 - Tommaso Ricci]: "The President Grasso invited to the exhibition, free entry, all citizens of any religion or cultural ancestry. This initiative, here, on a religious event, is not a short circuit in church-state relations? "
[Andrea Riccardi]: "This religious event is part of the Italian history and history of Rome. It is one of the constituent aspects of the relationship between Rome, Italy and the world: the Jubilee; and it has a history of more than 700 years. Rome grows and more and more tries to welcome this dimension of pilgrims who come to visit it. The Jubilee has a great story, and like all things that have a great history, a living tradition, I think it has a great future. the Jubilee has a future for believers, but a Jubilee is a great interest for everyone, because it is an important part of the history, of Rome and of our world."
[TG2 - Tommaso Ricci]: "So many curiosities, prints depicting ancient Holy Doors openings, projects ever made in San Peter, as the third arm of the colonnade, commemorative medals minted throughout the centuries, come from the mint museum which will reopen soon.
[Silvana Balbi de Caro]: "The Mint Museum has presented and presents, in this exhibition, an amazing collection of medals. They are small metal documents, which tell us the history of Jubilees. A particular moment from this long history of Jubilees, that we introduce extrapolating from a collection of the museum of the mint of Rome, made of mints and medals. Unique in time, considering then the medal is a brainchild of Italian genius, born in the mid-1400s; The medal did not exist before, it is a new kind, however, the only one created by the Italian genius, by the great Pisanello. "
[TG2 - Tommaso Ricci]: "Believers and not, the history of Jubilees concerns us all, it is the story we are made of. To know it, makes us all more aware."