The choice of Sant'Egidio: view the city from the suburbs

Interesting speech of prof. Andrea Riccardi on the importance of the suburbs as focina of poverty, marginalization, where the most concrete experiences of solidarity.

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[Andrea Riccardi]: "It's the story of students that in the 70's feel a student world, it was a world full of political and ideological tensions, for some aspects violents, but especially useless, feel a Christian world extremely polarized - such as that of the post '68, the contestation, some tearing, a world of discussion, let's say in quotes, even useless, and choose for the periphery. The first 2 places where we choose to begin to live, to work, they are Garbatella and Primavalle. And here what it means in the lives of young people? It means that the bus you do not take it to go to the center, but while everyone took the bus to go to the center, you took the bus in the other direction. And here, in the tiny, the experience of poverty at the time, the years later, to see grow the drug, the loneliness, the elderly, but also the experience - And here I come to Francesco - read city ​​from the suburbs. Naturally not ideologizing this, but having lived it. Read the city Rome starting from the suburbs. And then, let me with a series of jumps, in '73 Naples as periphery, gradually the suburbs of other cities in Europe, Africa as suburbs. All this has resulted in Extremely practical experience, concrete, because solidarity is concrete, but It resulted also culture, visions and ideas."