Andrea Riccardi for the 82nd International Congress of "The Dante"

The promotion of the Italian language and culture in the world, told the 82nd International Congress of "The Dante", held 25 to 27 September 2015.Andrea Riccardi was elected President of the Dante Alighieri Society, founded in 1889 by a group of intellectuals led by Giosue Carducci, 22 March 2015.

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[Ferruccio De Bortoli]: "The Dante Alighieri may be, it must be, the leader of a great efforts to promote the Italian language and the Italian culture in the world. I think that with the chairmanship of Andrea Riccardi will beat a new path. The important thing is that it is not left alone. The important thing is it becomes a system: it becomes system with ministries, it becomes system with the institutions, including cultural, that are abroad and most of all the Italian civil society must believe in it, it must think about Dante Alighieri not like a remnant of the past, but as a modern tool of promotion, an important lever in the country's competitiveness. The language is our dress, what we are, what we want others can understand about our culture. "
[Cristina Foti]: "We educate and propose language courses and certifications of Italian language to senior Lebanese army officers, which army cooperates with UNIFIL and then with the Italian Armed Forces. In so doing, the Italian that these Lebanese military learn and that certify with us, becomes a way to collaborate, cooperate with Italy, a way to keep the peace, therefore the Italian becomes the language of peace and Dante Alighieri becomes actor, operator and proponent of this instrument of peace, and we are very proud of this because mission more beautiful than this, in my opinion, I do not think there will be."
[Andrea Riccardi]: "We are convinced that you can not teach Italian only like a business, but it should be done with a strong bond with the culture, with a work of popularization, because «popularize», etymologically, means «make a fact, popular»."
[Sergio Mattarella]: "The desire of Italy, the Italian life style is placed in the highest part of the rankings of world wishes. I check it personally, everytime I meet, in Italy or abroad, authorities from other countries. Our complex historical event reminds us, even in times of hardship and suffering, that Italian genius has been able to grow and has been able to stop..."
[Mario Giro]: "Dante Alighieri is one of protagonists of our projection towards the outside, especially of the linguistic and cultural. If there is, as there is a Made in Italy plan for the internationalization of businesses, there must be a similar great plan for the culture. Everybody envies it, and we must be proud. As La Dante has a network in the world, so all other networks must be interconnected, to let Italy be present in the large global market of languages ​​and cultures, for its assets." "We encourage the presence of Italy in the planet"
[Virginia Roghi]: "We the youth groups we could find in practice what has been discussed throughout this conference, the reason why we are here in connection with the Expo. We had the opportunity to project ourselves and see how what has been talked about is possible, also only in a simulation, put it in practice in many organizations with which we worked today, with all the guys. One thing that has emerged strongly during this Congress is that we should not mourn the past, because it is true that there are no resources, but nobody thinks what such a resource La Dante is. Some time ago, I met a Venezuelan girl, in Italy, and, without knowing that I belonged to La Dante, she said: «You know, I had no points of reference here in Italy, however, there was a thing that allowed me to enter into the culture and was La Dante, with the Brida project» because she had the chance, in six months, to learn Italian and I do not know, she shocked me, because she spoke perfectly in Italian. If this is not a resource..."