Interview with Andrea Riccardi: "We and the Isis" - TG2000 (The Post)

"We and the Isis": the interview with Nicola Ferrante Andrea Riccardi, founder of Sant'Egidio Cominità, on the persecution of Christians and the recent massacres committed by militias Isis.

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[Nicola Ferrante]: "We are in the south of Rome, the latest threats of self-proclaimed caliphate Islamic frighten and provoke, almost like spontaneous reaction, the attack as defensive line. It is the best way, or not? "
[Andrea Riccardi]: "The threat is strong, they say: "We are in the south of Rome, we are not more on a hill in Syria. " But I believe, violently oppose this and think military initiatives, is disproportionate and both undergo their initiative political / media. It's what they want, they want to show up as the enemies of the West, gather geddafiani, the tribes around them, make a speech anti-Christian and make a speech anti-Italian. I think that must be taken seriously, the situation in Libya, they have to arise the level of political intervention, it must be requested to the various countries world to act and not be inert. But not now we play the trumpet and talk of war. "
[Nicola Ferrante]: "The images of the slaughter 21 Coptic Christians in Libya, are a document of terror, which has for the scenery banks of Mediterranean. What significance does this choice on the media plan? "
[Andrea Riccardi]: "Christians, Westerners, Europeans must identify themself as the Copts; this may be their fate. I believe It is really a terrorist message over that a dramatic scene, see these poor men, who are the poor immigrant workers, forced to death ... sentenced to death in this way."
[Nicola Ferrante]: "What is the condition Coptic Christian Egyptians? "
[Andrea Riccardi]: "They resisted, I would say, for more than a millennium to Islamic pressures, and just in the last century, they have had a cultural/religious renaissance, very important. But they are a poor people, many are Sometimes the Egyptian fellah. See them killed so It is something terrible. It is a ritual, a ritual on the banks of the Mediterranean. "
[Nicola Ferrante]: "Even Monsignor Martinelli, the Bishop of Tripoli, remains on the territory. A presence that assumes what meaning and it suggests that such thoughts? "
[Andrea Riccardi]: "This is the Catholic Church. Martinelli, who I know and who I hope there follow, and that I greet, is left with three hundred Catholics Filipinos, even Italians, however, are part of his flock. The Church does not go in moments of danger. The bishops do not run away. "
[Nicola Ferrante]: "You also spoke of the so-called awakening of lone wolves, by ISIS. How a violent reaction would favor some sort of aggregating strategy by those interested to fuel terror? "
[Andrea Riccardi]: "The message is:" We we are coming, if you, caliphate sympathizers, hidden in the folds of Italian and European society want to do something, you act. " What happened in France with Charlie Hebdo and the kosher market, what happened in Copenhagen, these are lone wolves, I mean they are people assumed by the caliphate as franchise, They procure weapons, they intervene. But give the feeling of a large encirclement. I hope these people are not in Italian society, and I more than one network, I would think about crazy, about some people a little unbalanced, or with a desire for revenge, or with a desire for redraft that convert themself to ideological totalitarian Islam and they intervene in this way. I believe that we should not have to hurt people, that terrorism in the name of religion, and terrorism always, is something absurd. "
[Nicola Ferrante]: "What threats are intertwined to landings of despair? In truth landings are not new, and they are a wave, a wave of well-previous years, compared to the terrorists of ISIS. Should perhaps change the Italian attitude in respect of refugees and their reception? Or not?"
[Andrea Riccardi]: "But, they said Mare Nostrum it increased landings. Now without Mare Nostrum landings have increased. So it was something that we had been told in Europe, and we have repeated in a supinely. I believe that there is a great European responsibility, first of all, but Europe does not looks at the Mediterranean. And then we must commit, civil society, church, government, in Europe to make the voice of the desperate in the Mediterranean. But then there is an Italian responsibility, to do something. "
[Nicola Ferranti]: "To Corriere, you advanced a name to handle the relevant international issue, that is Romano Prodi. Why?"
[Andrea Riccardi]: "But look, the situation is very complex. I said at the beginning: "Here we do not have to yell «fight»." Of course the option of military intervention, in the proper forms, it is an option that is between the possible options; But it takes an upturn political initiative. The UN Mediator, Bernardino Leon, did not do bad, but we need a resumption of political initiative to an higher level. Beacuse here we do not have to deal only between the parties, but we have to deal with Turkey, Egypt, the UAE, Algeria, the involved countries. It's a great complexity situation. I mentioned the name of Romano Prodi, because Romano Prodi is a man with a great international prestige, which can talk to the Russians, to the Chinese, to the Americans; He is a strong man, a man of peace and It said he was available (we have already seen Mali) to these operations. In short, not forget Libya, we should not reassure us, we have to take the Libyan situation in hand, although without panic. "