Andrea Riccardi, an introduction to the Jubilee of Mercy

The dates of the Jubilee of Mercy in TG2 Dossier of 10 October 2015.<br>Andrea Riccardi explains the symbolic meaning of the Holy Door of Charity by Pope Francis the Caritas hostel in via Marsala in Rome for the Jubilee of Mercy.

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[Papa Francesco:] "We want to live under the light of the Word of the Lord. " A Pope who surprised the 13/03/2015 with the announcement of a Jubilee, a Holy Year overtime dedicated to Mercy, which begins 8/12/2015, and will end on 20/11/2016. A Pope surprising, wanted to open a Holy Door of Charity, at the Caritas hostel in Via Marsala in Rome, in addition to the traditional 4 Holy Doors of the major Roman basilicas.
[Andrea Riccardi:] "Here is the beautiful whole symbolism of the Door, because the Door closes and the Door opens and what it means opening the Door in cities that no longer have doors, large doors outside, but they can have internal doors, they can have walls; so it is very appropriate to emphasize the news of the Holy Door, let's say, that will open in prison or that will open in places of pain. Sympathy is the amount by which the Church of the Council wished to speak to its time, then the Good Samaritano parable is the symbol of all this, which is the icon of Mercy, to the injured man, half dead. So, I would say, the message of the Council... but when we think of the Council, we think to documents, to theology, but a message that become the Spirit, which makes climate, a climate of Mercy. " The problem of the Holy Year has been enriched of many initiatives. Among the events with the greatest popular participation, the Jubilee dedicated to all those working in the pilgrimage, in January; April will gather in Rome movements and associations whose recognize the spirituality of Mercy, but also the guys who made the Confirmation. In September there will be an event dedicated to Mother Teresa; in October the Celebration of Mother of Mercy, dedicated to the world of Marian Spirituality. In July, in Cracow, they will meet the youngs whose participate to the World Youth Day.